Our Projects Feactures

We develope different application using latest technologies.Developed applications are reliable,bug free,robust,lightweight. Our focus on customer satisfaction about his application so that technical team never give chance for any complaint about any application delivered by us.From web application to mobile apps,we always try for new,creative thinking while developing applications.

We have domestic as well as international clients also.

Our Main Products


This application for doctors to update their Patient details,daily case register,Medical certificate generation,save and print prescription of patients,expense mgmt.,etc.Easy handling and time saving.


This application for vehicle showroom & servicing to manage their material stock,dail booking system,followup of new vehicle,job card & invoice mgmt.,etc.All stock reports,monthly reports can give you business progress.

Retail/General Shop Mgmt.

This application for product distributers to maintain their product instock,outstock,expense mgmt,loan mgmt. and many more.All product purchase and selling is manageed in this application.


This application for retail shops to manage vendors details,billing system,item stock mgmt,loan mgmt.,etc.Very usefull for shopkeeper to maintain daily income.

Finance Manager

This application for daily collection job in which daily collected amount mgmt task to be done totally.Usefull for those having business related to daily collection of money.

Coupan Mgmt.

This application for coupan mgmt. system for hotels,Mess,Temple mess,etc.Coupan printing,coupan mgmt,expense mgmt.,All daily coupan collection reports like functionality in this application.

Invoice Mgmt.

This application to generate quotations and invoices only.Anybody who gives invoice and qoutations can use this.All mgmt. of invoices are maintain.No need to write/design format for invoice and quotation again and again.

Alandi City Website

This website is designed by us which gives you information of different visting places in alandi and near by alandi in marathi.Website url is


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